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Dec. 2006:
First Circular Distributed Download Here

Nov. 2007:
Second Circular Distributed Download Here

By 31 March 2008:
Early Registration

By 13 May 2008:
Housing/Meals Registration

By 15 May 2008:
Submission of Abstracts

By 30 June 2008:
Late Registration

13-19 July 2008:
IAL 6 & ABLS Joint Meeting


Over 320 scientists from over 50 countries attended the congress. The image also shows the new IAL logo in the upper left corner, selected by vote at the meeting.

Click here to download the file of the group image, taken by Ulrik Søchting (3 MB), or download the composite image above by clicking on it.

Click here to download the file of a group image, taken by John Wolf (3 MB).

Click here to download the file of the panorama group image, taken and put together by John Wolf (8 MB).

To download a file of all participants click here.

IAL 6 - ABLS Joint Meeting 2008